To fairytellers

We are waiting for new fairytales about girls and for girls. However, we do not insist that your story should be about people. It can be about any female protagonists – unicorns, kangaroos, she-wolves, etc.

For your fairytale to be published on our website, it should:
  • Be easy to understand for a child,
  • Have a female protagonist (even better, if there are many female characters),
  • Have nothing related to the male-savior trope (e.g. Masha was strong and brave, but then Petya married her, and that was the happy end – please, don't do that),
  • Contain no obscene language,
  • Have a clear and comprehensive plot.
We will be happy, if you decide to join us!

You can always send your questions and suggestions via email:, or find us in Fairytales for Girls vk public group.
Если у вас возникнут вопросы, вы можете отправить их нам на почту,
или написать их в сообщения группы "Сказки для девочек".